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Patternlibrary (@ npm: node-patternlibrary) is a pattern/component documentation and static site generator for use with Node-JS.

It generates a series of documentation pages for each of the HTML patterns, or partials, or components, structured in an atomic design pattern. Documentation details are assembled from the specific pattern-files's source codes and supplied meta-data. Of course, like any other (Handlebars) partial, those patterns can also include other patterns, external (Handlebars) helpers or data as JSON or YAML, by themselfs.

These pages are combined under a GUI to view in your browser. It provides an overview dashboard, lists to browse patterns and categories and (kind of) interactive pattern documentation.

The template engine used is Handlebars and rendering markdown is accomplished with MarkdownIt. Parsing the style and script source files is utilizing (SassDoc) and (JSDoc).

Please, see the about section for more information


For detailed explanations of each of the parts that made up Patternlibrary, please see the following pages:

Work-In-Progress disclaimer

This project is now going from some kind of Proof Of Concept to real-life implementation. Most of its behavour and features are fixed for now.

When using this software, absolutely no warranties of any sort are granted. Please see the license file for more information.